IMPORTANT!!! Support the clan and other streams!!!

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IMPORTANT!!! Support the clan and other streams!!!

Post by Tsukinome_MA on Sun Mar 16, 2014 5:50 am

Hey Team!

I'm on-board with helping promote the clan and Ragey's hard work by streaming when I play moving forward with a bunch of information on my channel from RageTV to Gerpum's Marine Arena Strategy Youtube links. Let's all get on board with streaming if possible and get it trending and make it known that [EZMode] are the innovators! I joined the forums recently so I can't post links yet. For my Twitch channel, just type "/Tsukinome_MA" after "".  

Something I think would be really awesome and super beneficial is if we can get a bunch of us on and steaming, then we make it a point to focus specifically on a clan members stream when they are in a game and give them feedback later in the clan chat after the match is over. We need to feed off each other to grow and develop. All of us playing random games with random partners with no vision is only going to give us random stats when you break down the clan numbers. Let's get this ball rolling in the right direction!!!


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Re: IMPORTANT!!! Support the clan and other streams!!!

Post by Nathan1 on Mon Mar 17, 2014 1:16 am

That sounds great bro!!! I would be happy to start streaming. Im getting a new PC this week so after i get it i can start it would be cool! And i would love some feed back on my play style!! If you could help me get setup, it would be great (seeing i have no idea how to start hahah)


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